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Nigerian Scientist Creates An AI Tool That Is Capable Of detecting Terrorists



Yunusa Jibrin, a Nigerian researcher residing in the UK, claimed to have created an artificial intelligence (AI) tool that can identify terrorists and their hiding places. Jibrin described how he used artificial intelligence (AI) to create thousands of images of bandits in arid landscapes.


He also mentioned that his research, which used a Vision Transformer (VT) model to identify terrorists, produced remarkably accurate results in early assessments.

The University of Sussex alumna stated in an interview with Vanguard that if the federal government implemented his findings, the military’s efforts would be more focused on finding and eliminating terrorists, no matter where they might be hiding in the nation.

“Efforts are underway to formalize these findings, with plans to publish and integrate the developed algorithms into the operational frameworks of the Nigerian government,” he stated.

Nigeria has been battling terrorism for more than a decade.

What’s your opinion about this? Do you think the Nigerian government will take on this new development that can is capable of fishing out bandits?

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