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Why Many Nigerian Women Won’t Get Married



Reno Omokri, a social commentator, asserted that if Nigeria had visa-free or visa-on-arrival travel to more nations, there would be an epidemic of single women there.

He attributed this to Nigerian women, particularly those from the south of the country, and their “Industrial Money Obtainer culture.” He added that “their women tend to be easier to relate with than many Southern Nigerian women,” so he was not surprised that well-known gospel singer Moses Bliss married a Ghanaian woman.

“When Southern Nigerian men travel within Africa and outside Africa and encounter beautiful women who are not money conscious, they quickly lose their appetite for Nigerian women,” Omokri wrote in an X post on Sunday.


“South African and Kenyan women consider Nigerian men a catch,” he asserted. “We desperately need a cultural reorientation among our women,” he continued. particularly in Southern Nigeria.

“In Southern Nigeria, the monetization of relationships is simply too oppressive. Despite my extensive travels, I have not yet encountered the degree of commercialization of romance that I have in Southern Nigeria. As I see it, I call it!


“Southern Nigerian men quickly lose their appetite for Nigerian women when they travel within and outside of Africa and come across beautiful, non-money-conscious women,” Omokri wrote on Sunday in an X post. He claimed that women in Kenya and South Africa thought Nigerian men were attractive. He went on, “We need our women to undergo a cultural reorientation desperately.” mainly in Southern Nigeria. “The monetization of relationships is just too oppressive in Southern Nigeria. It is the level of commercialization of romance that I have experienced in Southern Nigeria, despite my extensive travels. I name it as I see it!


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