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Have you ever wondered how a celebrity seems in real life after seeing a photoshopped image of them? I’ve looked into celebs who have been charged with photo-editing. I’ll share some of the most horrifying Photoshop errors here, along with startling before and after shots.

1. Beyonce’s Face Change

It’s amazing to think that Beyonce uses Photoshop to further refine her skin. Her face looks very different from the unaltered picture if you compare the before and after. You can even detect that her bone structure has been completely changed.

2. Lady Gaga’s Versace Photoshoot Scandal

photoshopped celebrity lady gaga

The images used in the advertising and the real ones differ significantly, as Lady Gaga’s leaked Versace photos show. It’s hard to dispute that the pictures are heavily Photoshopped, even though I like the high-hend retouching done. It’s also evident that the editors had to do cosmetic retouching because she is entirely barefaced in the prior images.

3. Wrinkle-Free Britney Spears

photoshopped celebrity britney spears

Editors of magazines occasionally have to ask themselves, “Do I retouch too much?” Britney appears to have undergone extreme skin retouching, wrinkle removal, and facial feature alteration by Marie Claire professionals, to the extent that she no longer resembles the same person.

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4. Instagram vs Reality

photoshopped celebrity instagram vs reality

This image on Instagram is so ridiculously manipulated that it almost makes you want to cancel your account. Remind yourself that many bloggers modify their Instagram photographs to appear leaner the next time you feel self-conscious while browsing the platform.

5. Jennifer Lawrence’s Flare Cover

photoshopped celebrity jennifer lawrence

Comparing celebrities before and after Photoshop you’ll often catch yourself thinking that the before photo was even better. This is the case with this Flare cover that went under fire for slimming down Jennifer Lawrence. They didn’t only make her hips and waist leaner, but also pulled in her face and accentuated her collarbones.

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