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Consult With Zimbabwe, Obasanjo Advises The Tinubu Government



According to former president Olusegun Obasanjo, in order to address the nation’s historically high rate of inflation, the current Nigerian administration may think about collaborating with the Zimbabwean government.

Speaking on Monday at a youth leadership symposium as part of events planned for his 87th birthday, the former military chief and two-time president stated that Nigeria could learn from Zimbabwe.


Obasanjo pointed out that Zimbabwe could provide the powerful nations in west Africa with important advice given its recent success in conquering a comparable obstacle.

Obasanjo urged Nigerians to persevere in the face of the current circumstances, emphasizing that the strong must rise to the occasion. In addition, he counseled the populace to pray to God, arguing that the hunger and financial hardship would pass. “Committing suicide is not the solution to any issue; instead,

face it head-on and bring it to God, who is able to assist you in any way. “Zimbabwe experienced this issue lately. Even though our strategy will be different, shouldn’t we still ask them how they accomplished it? He went on, “Even if what we’re doing is different, we can ask questions to find our way out.”

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