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Top Nine Reasons You Saving With Penny Tree App



Top Nine Reasons You Saving with Penny Tree App

What is Penny Tree

Penny Tree App whitebeetles

Penny Tree App, I will simply describe it as a Lifestyle payment and savings application that assists you meet up with your savings target and make payments. Personally, I call it a way of life (culture) saving and payment application that help you build your finances.

This is a digital development platform using AI features with the aim to take the saving lifestyle a notch ahead. Penn Rules which is first of its kind digital lifestyle product in Africa, This PennyTree offers features that help you save as you earn, save as you spend, save as you live and save as you relate in the digital world without doubting in the first place.
So, with the above said, PennyTree is not just another savings app, it is worth more than that.
I will basically tell you below the nine reasons you saving with Penny Tree now Asap!

Top Nine Reasons You Saving With Penny Tree App

1.Earn free money on Penn Wallet – It does not just come with sweet name for collection and disbursement, it earns you an interest. You will earn free money on all funds on your Penn Wallet as you use PennyTree regularly.
2. It save you from unnecessary bank charges.
This PennyTree wallet system, can help you avoid unnecessary bank charges. Send money to friends and family through your Penn Wallet, using their unique user ID with zero charges. This is unique right? Transfer from one PennyTree user wallet to another is absolutely free, easy and fast.
3.Earn N55,000 in 30 Days on Penny Tree App – Look now, when you share with your friends and family to the PennyTree app, PennyTree will pay you gbalm! You can earn up to ₦55,000 in the next 30 Days if you pertake in PennyTree’s referral program. The simple thing you have to do is invite your friends with your referral code and also make sure they become verified users.

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4.Safety and security (Protection)
–In Penny Tree, Every penny and data is 100% secured and encrypted. You do not have anything to disturb about the safety of your moneys or data.
5.Very Fast transactions –Penny Tree does not give you fear about delayed transactions. It takes less time to carry out a transaction than you would to pronounce the full name of your Country.
6.Saving without Doubting Penny Tree allow you to implement saviin your own way and watch your money grow. Take for instance, a world where you can set up your own savings rules and integrate these rules with lifestyle friendly features such as “Hey Penny Tree, save A amount of money every time I place an order with Jumia or Amazon or save A each time I do B”, Penny Tree automatically saves and grow your money as you live your life.
7.Buy airtime and pay for utilities Easily – This App will help you to hold some of your money and you grow it for you, then we can safe you of the stress of moving from app to app to get basic amenities taken care of. If your Debtors were to be on Penny Tree, we would gladly make it easy for you to pay them on PennyTree – that’s how much easy we plan to bring to you. On Penny Tree, you buy airtime and pay for utilities (DSTV, GOTV, Startimes, Postpaid and Prepaid Electricity Packages) and data subscriptions with no stress.
8.Relax and enjoy as we build your wealth easily – PennyTree was built for you. You can grow your cash flow graduallyly till it becomes a big tree. We are making PennyTree fun, easy and enjoyable. You do not have to worry about saving consciously. With Penny Tree, you can live your life happily and save with no stress.
9.Lock funds and grow your money – with the individual vault feature on PennyTree, you can lock your fund for a minimum of 30 days and earn an interest of up to 13% interest. The individual target feature permit you save as frequently as required (daily, weekly and monthly) to meet your savings goal without worrying about recurring bank charges. You can start saving with as low as N100 and earn an interest of up to 10%pa or interest.

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In conclusion, Top Nine Reasons You Saving with Penny Tree App

On Penny Tree App, you basically set up your rules, we follow it and your money grows.
Penny Tree App is available on Google play store for download.
Imagine in this era that before you close and open your eyes, banks has already charges you for transactions and maintenance as many as possible, then that’s why Penny Tree App will bail you out and the emotional stress. Good luck.

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