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Ex President – Obasanjo speaks on reason for Insecurity in Nigeria






Former President Olusegun Obasanjo highlighted the correlation between unemployment and insecurity, stating, “Of course, if we are able to achieve this, it will improve our security. Part of our insecurity are men and women that are not properly engaged.” He emphasized the significance of providing employment opportunities to mitigate involvement in criminal activities such as banditry and kidnapping.

Identifying himself as deeply passionate about agriculture, Obasanjo stressed the importance of advancing agribusiness to address various socio-economic challenges, including food security, nutritional well-being, job creation, wealth generation, poverty reduction, and revenue generation through foreign exchange.

He underscored the necessity of ensuring food security through availability, affordability, and accessibility of food within the nation. Obasanjo emphasized, “Food security starts with availability. We must be able to produce enough. Then there is affordability. We must be able to get everybody who needs food to be able to get the food that they need. Then there is accessibility. We must get food to where it is needed.”

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