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Combined In Harmony: The Experience 2023



United in Harmony: The Experience 2023

Many have hailed the Experience Concert 2023, the 18th in the series, as one of the best.

Every year on Friday, December 8, hundreds of thousands of people flock to the Cricket Pitch and Tafawa Balewa Square for the Gospel music concert. Attendees sung and danced all night long till the dawn rose, from the highs of colorful praise from music ministers like Mr. M & Revelation to the flows of worship from speakers like Donnie McClurkin.

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United in Harmony: The Experience 2023

The Lagos Metropolitan Gospel Choir, Onos Ariyo, Muyiwa Olarewaju, Ib Quake, Ada Ehi, Timi Dakolo, Moses Bliss, Prinx Emmanuel, Sinach, Nathaniel Bassey, Dunsin Oyekan, Beejay Sax, Adeyinka Alaseyori, Tope Alabi, Timi Dakolo, and Moses Bliss were also present at the occasion.

Convener of The Experience and MSP of all House On The Rock Churches, Paul Adefarasin, stated during the event that in light of the severe difficulties facing both our nation and each of us personally, we are here with a purpose—to effect the change we want to see. Additionally, he urged the listeners to remember that God’s hedge is around them and that they will overcome these current difficulties.

United in Harmony: The Experience 2023

The Experience has once again provided us with an inspiring vision of what a united Nigeria will look like, transcending the divisions of tribe, ethnicity, religion, political affiliation, and socioeconomic level. It has drawn physical attendance from all over the country and beyond.

The industry titan Coca-Cola Nigeria, which sponsored this year’s event, provided soft drinks and Eva water to attendees throughout the evening, highlighting the experience’s signature joy and vibrancy and fostering a sense of community that was evident with each sip that seemed to toast to the hope and togetherness needed in these trying times while fostering the collective resolve to keep spirits high at all times.

Additional brands that provided support for the event included the broadcast partner, DSTV Nigeria, Dufil Prima Foods Ltd., who are known for their unwavering commitment to the Nigerian community and their ability to nourish both bodies and souls, Spotify, whose technological innovation allowed the soulful melodies performed on stage to reach a global audience, and Bolt Nigeria, which provided discounted rides to and from the event.

Not only was The Experience 2023 a movement, but it was also a chorus of voices that will reverberate for years to come; it was a symphony of faith and unity, an illustration of cooperation and teamwork, and a testament to the unity that can be achieved in our country when we set aside our differences and concentrate on what unites rather than divides us.



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