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Nigerians react as Bob Risky wins the Award of Best Dressed at Ajanaku: Beast of Two World’s Premiere.



The issue of Nigerian cross dresser Bob Risky being awarded the title of Best Female Dressed for the movie premiere of “Ajanaku” has sparked reactions from many Nigerians. Some individuals have expressed their disagreement, arguing that Bob Risky is not biologically female and therefore should not be eligible for an award designated for females. There’s speculation among some Nigerians that the entertainment industry is primarily driven by business interests, and the award might have been given to Bob Risky as a form of recognition for their investment or sponsorship in the movie’s production.

Public figures have weighed in on the topic, offering diverse perspectives. Their comments shed light on the reasons behind Bob Risky’s award over other female contenders. To delve deeper into this matter and understand the various viewpoints, you can check out the reactions from these public figures when you click link:


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