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Gov Mutfwang: Buhari Sold Nigeria’s Future



Caleb Mutfwang, the governor of Plateau State, charged former President Muhammadu Buhari on Monday with being the cause of Nigerians’ current economic suffering. In particular, Mutfwang stated, “We sold our future under the last administration.” At the Government House in Jos on Monday, the governor delivered remarks during the induction of 22 Special Advisers and heads of government departments.

We are in a very challenging moment in this nation’s history, and I strongly believe that you should put politics aside and focus on governance following the election. “And I owe it to Nigerians to tell them the truth—that this government inherited a worse situation than 1999—even though the Federal Government is led by a party other than my own.” Buhari said, Mutfwang.

“This government inherited an economy where we simply printed up to N30 trillion and shared,” the speaker stated.The economy this government took over was predicated on the sale of crude oil that had not yet been extracted from the ground. Thus, it’s not complicated to discuss the depreciation of the naira.

Under the previous administration, we sold our future. He says this explains the widespread looting of food stores and warehouses across the nation and the hunger that exists. “It makes sense that people are intercepting food on the way and causing riots today. On the plateau, we are fortunate to possibly have access to more food than many other states.

“And I hope that there won’t be a food riot of this magnitude on the Plateau, but in the meantime, we need to roll up our sleeves and get to work. That’s why, as a government, when we announced one of the positions that addressed food security, people laughed, but it’s a serious issue,” he said. Mutfwang went on to say that his government intends to establish a $300 million special agro-processing zone in the Barkin Ladi Local Government Area in collaboration with the African Development Bank.

For the benefit of the people, he urged the new appointees to assist the administration in turning around the state’s unpleasant circumstances, noting that the Plateau people had already endured enough distraction. You are aware of the violence on the Plateau. “It’s time to say enough is enough,” he continued.

President Bola Tinubu’s administration inherited an empty treasury upon taking office a few months ago, which is the direct cause of the financial hardship currently afflicting the nation, according to National Security Adviser Nuhu Ribadu.

Ribadu assured the country that the federal government was dedicated to preserving a strong and functional defense management and mechanism, despite acknowledging the severe financial constraints impacting budgetary allocations. In the meantime, the nation is experiencing a food crisis and skyrocketing prices for goods and services, which has resulted in food stores and warehouses all over the nation being looted.

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