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Wike Behind Kidnapping In FCT



The growing level of insecurity in Abuja has been attributed by rights activist Deji Adeyanju to Nyesom Wike, the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

The FCT’s increasing number of insecurity instances, according to Adeyanju, is a result of Wike’s directive to demolish the dwellings of the impoverished.

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He claimed that because their livelihood had been destroyed, they had turned to kidnappings and other crimes in the Federal Capital Territory to make ends meet.

According to a statement released by Adeyanju, the Minister “callously sent these individuals to the streets, exacerbating the desperation and criminal activities in the city, rather than adequately relocating them and providing them with alternative means of sustenance.”

Through her carelessness and refusal to attend to their needs and concerns, the Minister unintentionally fostered a cycle of victimization and crime.

It’s crucial to remember that the impoverished will consume the wealthy whenever they run out of food.

It’s time for the FCT Minister to carry out his responsibilities and for the security services to show that they are dedicated to preserving human dignity and life.

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