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Kidnappers Collected 91M From Us, Before Releasing Us



Adewunmi The leader of the band from Abuja, Samuel Sofomade, has revealed the sum of money used to secure their release. The band was abducted along the Lokoja expressway.

While returning from a show in Kogi State in December 2023, the band leader and his crew were kidnapped.

The band leader, also known as Omoba De Jombo Beats, spoke about his trauma in a recent interview with BBC Yoruba, however before they were freed, the kidnappers lowered their demand from N10 million to N7 million each.

We, a group of thirteen, traveled to Itakete Isao, near Isan-Olu in Kogi State, to participate in a funeral ritual. Additionally, Kogi lacks an airport, so we had to relocate by road.

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It was Thursday when we had left. On Friday, we wrapped up our performance at 5:30 p.m. We therefore believed that we had time to get back to Abuja. The tragedy occurred shortly after Dangote Cement was passed.

“We were held captive by the kidnappers for six days in a dense forest. So much transpired in that wilderness that the six days seemed like six years.

“They each requested N10 million.” We began pleading with their commander that we were unable to get N10 million. Afterwards, he cut it to N7 million for each.

“We began searching for cash when we learned that the money had been completed but that there had been no cash during the month of December.” Their boss eventually changed his mind and insisted on naira, even though they had originally agreed that the money should be converted to dollars.


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