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43 Terrorist Killed, 76 Apprehended In South-South



Nigerian military troops in the South-South geographical zone of the nation killed forty-three terrorists and detained seventy-six others.

Major General Edward Buba, the Director of Defense Media Operations, revealed this in a statement provided to reporters.

He also claimed that the army freed 27 hostages who had been kidnapped and caught 29 oil thieves.

A military spokesman said that 2,150 different types of ammunition and 81 different types of weaponry were found by the forces.

“One NSVT AA gun, one GPMG, one PKMG, 36 AK47 rifles, one RPG 7 tube, two AGL bombs, four pump action guns, four locally fabricated guns, eight dane guns, three shotguns, one cut-to-short dane gun, two beretta pistols, one damaged AK47 rifle, two RPG chargers, wooden stock of AK47 rifles, LMG magazine, eight bandoliers, and 42 magazines,” is the breakdown of the recovered weapons.

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“Others are: two cars, twenty-five motorcycles, twenty-one cell phones, six Baofeng radios, twenty-seven belted rounds of 7.62 x 51 mm, two hundred and eighty-seven rounds of 7.62 x 39 mm special, one thousand rounds of 7.62mm special ammo, three rounds of 12.7 x 108 mm, six rounds of 9 mm ammo, one AA ammo, seventy-four live cartridges, empty cases of 7.62mm special ammo, and 74 live cartridges, among other items.

Buba also revealed that soldiers in the Niger Delta region found and demolished seven dugout pits, thirteen boats, twenty-three storage tanks, two barges, and four vehicles.

In addition, sixteen illicit refining sites, two pump machines, and fifteen cooking ovens were found. 5,200 liters of DPK, 25,115 liters of illicitly processed AGO, and 139,045 liters of stolen crude oil were found by the troops.

He declared, “The Armed Forces will always be mindful of the threat by kidnapping terrorists and gangs across the nation.”

According to Buba, the military will continuously assess its internal procedures to address threats that are detected.

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