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Fans React To Kunle Remi’s wife and Moses Bliss’s Fiancee Dancing



Nigerian singer reacts to viral video of Kunle Remi's wife and Moses Bliss's fiancee dancing

Nigerian singer Wale Jana has responded to a social media uproar sparked by viral dancing footage of Nollywood actor Kunle Remi’s wife Tiwi during their wedding and gospel artist Moses Bliss’s fiancée, Marie Wiseborn.

This weekend, as they celebrated their wedding, Kunle Remi and Tiwi piqued the interest of other singles and created a stir on the internet.

Nigerian singer reacts to viral video of Kunle Remi's wife and Moses Bliss's fiancee dancing

Comparing the dance routines to the fearless and strong personas of Cardi B and Nicki Minaj, Wale postulated that the viral videos reveal a secret side in every innocent girl.

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He added, “I’ve been reading a lot of postings about people claiming that males are opting for simple girls and that I chuckle in a way that makes me wonder if we should warn them. For every female you encounter who seems innocent, you never know who’s hiding their inner Cardi B or Nicki Minaj. Guys are naturally incredibly sensual! Many of these women, who appear naïve to you, are actually quite proficient in Kama Sutra; they will astound you.

“A dancing was what drew Moses Bliss in, not spirituality! “These guys are getting married to bad girls who are good.”

Ever since yesterday, videos of @kunleremiofficial and his spouse have gone viral on the internet. These are smart ladies who’ve figured out how to blend sensuality, spirituality, and class! It’s not necessary for a woman to twerk or have numerous tattoos to be a badass!”

You should also take note of these women’s impressive accomplishments! While Tiwi is an experienced business expert in New York, @mariewiseborn holds a master’s degree in law. The two women come from excellent backgrounds. Marie’s father is an esteemed clergyman in the United Kingdom, and Tiwi is Otedola’s niece.
“Love is not blind anymore! Let your eyes open! Never wed worthless people out of love! By making the right decision, you may decide how your children will turn out in the future! These pairs have demonstrated that you can have God, success, and love in your marriage! Never accept anything less.

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