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Taskforce In Lagos Apprehends 51 Members Of A Highway Gang That Preys On Truck Drivers



Eleven persons have been apprehended by the Lagos State Taskforce on Environment and Special Offenses Enforcement Unit. These individuals belonged to a highway gang that was notorious for intimidating and coercing truck drivers.
In a statement on Tuesday in Lagos, the agency’s public relations officer, Mr. Gbadeyan Abdulraheem, revealed this information.

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He added that the suspects were taken into custody on Monday by the agency after special operations along the Apapa-Oshodi and Lagos-Badagry Expressways.

He claimed that the group, posing as employees of the now-defunct Lagos State Parks and Garages Agency, using forceful methods to extort money from truck drivers.

According to Abdulraheem, the gang was accused of acting in an aggressive and coercive manner, hurting drivers and intimidating others when they showed resistance.

“We have been pursuing this group for some time now, having received multiple reports from drivers that frequent the corridors.

He added, “We even heard of cases where drivers defied orders and were threatened violently, and in some cases, had their truck parts removed—like the batteries and mirrors—right there on the freeway.




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