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NCC Aims To Expand The Telecom Sector.



Aminu Maida, the Executive Vice Chairman of the Nigerian Communications Commission. [Premium Times]

During a special interview with media on Thursday, January 18, 2024, in Lagos, Aminu outlined the commission’s goals and plans for the telecom sector.

According to him, the NCC would work with important parties that include the media, consumers, government, and telecom service providers.

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The head of the NCC stated that the commission would be more data-centric in order to make well-informed choices on its operations as the telecom industry’s regulator.

“Data collection from stakeholders will be our driving force, and we’ll use it to project the work we’re doing so we can have a high level of transparency and accountability,” the head of the NCC stated.

Aminu further stated that the NCC would make sure telecom providers in the nation abide by agreements and commission rules.

Observance is yet another motivator. As a regulator, with the authority granted by the NCA Acts and the rules we established. We are able to enforce our licensees’ responsibilities.

“I believe that the sector has been in a development period for the past several years, but now is the time to force ourselves into a maturity phase where we will be promoting compliance. You’re going to see that we place a high priority on compliance.

We will be counting on our licensees to fulfill any commitments they may have.” We’ll be expecting them to uphold any agreements they may have amongst themselves,” he stated.

In reference to stakeholders, Aminu stated that the government, telecom users, and the industry would be the commission’s primary emphasis. The needs of the stakeholders group would also be given priority.

He pledged that the NCC will enable customers to make informed decisions and collaborate with licensees to increase tariff transparency.


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