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Navy Recovers 17,000 Litres Of Stolen Crude Oil In Bayelsa



Within its jurisdiction in Bayelsa, the Nigerian Navy Ship SOROH has stepped up the Operation Cordon and Search.

In the Diebu hamlet in Southern Ijaw, troops found and burned unlawfully processed items during patrols between January 22 and 29, according to Commodore Olushina Ojebode, Commander of NNS SOROH.

According to the commander, 17,000 liters of goods thought to have been made from stolen crude oil were found in a structure in the Diebu town of Bayelsa’s Southern Ijaw Local Government Area.

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He clarified that the action was in keeping with the Nigerian Navy’s action Delta Sanity, which was designed to put a halt to oil theft and illicit bunkering, on behalf of Capt. Suleiman Abdulahi.

He claims that the operation has so far shown success in combating illicit oil bunkering, crude oil theft, and other miscellaneous crimes in the country’s marine environment, especially inside the Nigerian Navy Ship SOROH area of operations.

While on patrol in the Zion Area of the Ezetu community in Southern Ijaw, he said, the Navy’s patrol team stationed at Naval Security Station (NNS 030) found unlawfully processed automotive gas oil, the equivalent of four drums or 1,200 liters.

Following up on patrol in the Gbaran settlement, a wooden boat carrying 275 sacks of illicitly refined AGO—roughly the equivalent of 55 barrels or 16,500 liters—was intercepted.

“All recovered items were handled in accordance with current anti-crude oil theft procedures.”Similar to this, on January 23, a patrol unit of NNS SOROH conducted operations around Sangana General Area based on reliable information. They found and appropriately handled 30 sacks of illicitly refined AGO, which is equal to 6 drums or 1,800 liters.

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