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Man Arrested For Stolen 13 ATM Cards



Man in Adamawa with 13 pilfered ATM cards is apprehended by police

Authorities from the Adamawa State Police Command have taken into custody a guy in possession of thirteen reportedly pilfered ATM cards.

The suspect, Abubakar Tasi’u Tanimu, was apprehended last Friday, December 29, 2023, by police officers affiliated with the Department of State Intelligence while on surveillance patrol around Jambutu Motor Park, Jimeta, Yola, according to a press release issued by the Command to journalists on Tuesday.

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The ATM cards, which were given to legitimate owners from various banks, were allegedly stolen from a market in Mayo-Belwa, a local government area in the southern portion of Adamawa State, according to the statement, which was signed by police spokesman SP Suleiman Nguroje.

According to the police, Abubakar Tasi’u Tanimu, 31, lives in the Tsohon Kasuwa neighborhood.

The police said, “Investigation reveals that the suspect stole the items from Tsohon Kasuwa Mayo Belwa Local Government Area,” promising to charge the culprit in court after the inquiry is over.


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