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FRSC To Pursue Trailers Carrying People and Animals



Dauda Biu, the Corps Marshall of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), has instructed Corps commanders to pursue trailers carrying both people and animals. At a Wednesday strategy meeting with commanding officers at the FRSC headquarters in Abuja, Dauda issued the order. He voiced concern about the rising number of truck and trailer collisions caused by overloading. “Our analysis reveals that interstate buses, mass transit systems, and vehicles carrying people, goods, and animals continue to be significant contributors to road accidents and fatalities,” he stated.

“Targeting these particular vehicle categories calls for focused interventions and a multipronged strategy.” He went on to list additional factors that contribute to traffic accidents, saying that one major worry is the problem of people failing to stop at traffic signals, especially in the Federal Capital Territory. In addition to putting lives in danger, he said, “such blatant disregard for traffic regulations undermines the credibility of our enforcement efforts.” “We need to step up our efforts to make sure that traffic laws are strictly enforced and that those who break them face consequences,” he continued.

Biu also talked about the problem of certain FRSC officers lacking discipline. Any misconduct or inappropriate behavior that damages the organization’s reputation is not acceptable for a corps officer. “At all times, we must uphold the greatest standards of professionalism, working with globally recognized ethics, the rule of law, and integrity.”

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