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1,500 CBN Staff To Resume At Lagos Office



The Head Office of the Central Bank of Nigeria. [Punch]

The plan to relocate some of the bank’s departments to Lagos was recently disclosed by the Apex Bank’s new administration.

At least 1,500 employees who were redeployed from the Central Bank of Nigeria’s Abuja to Lagos are set to return to their new site this week, following the contentious move of several divisions.
The impacted employees will resume work on Friday, February 2, 2024, the CBN revealed.

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The source stated, “Yes, the plan is still in place, and they will get back to work by February 2, which is the first week of next month.”

The intention to relocate certain bank departments to Lagos was recently announced by the apex bank’s new administration, who cited the need to decongest, boost efficiency, and ensure personnel safety.

The CBN stated in a memo to its employees that operating requirements and safety standards justified the action.
This is to inform all CBN Head Office employees that we have started a decongestion action plan aimed at improving the Bank’s operational environment.

The message states, “This initiative aims to enhance the efficient utilisation of our office space and ensure compliance with building safety standards.” Banking Supervision, Other Financial Institutions Supervision, Consumer Protection, Payment System Management, and Financial Policy Regulations are among the departments that are reportedly relocating to Lagos.

Recall that a few influential northern groups recently denounced the departments’ move.



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