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The National Assembly Bill Grants Complete Autonomy To Nigeria’s 774 Local Governments, With INEC Being Responsible For Organizing Flocal Elections.



Meet The Longest Serving National Assembly Members In Nigeria Since ...

By modifying section 124 of the country’s constitution, the National Assembly on Tuesday approved the first reading of a bill that would have given all 774 local council authorities in Nigeria complete financial and administrative autonomy.

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A consequence provision for the establishment of local councils, a complete third-tier administration without excessive intervention from state governments, is provided by this section.

Meet The Longest Serving National Assembly Members In Nigeria Since ...

The House of Representatives passed twenty-two amendments last week, and the Senate ratified them on Tuesday. This amendment was one of them.

A conference committee worked with both chambers to synchronize the drafts of the constitutional revisions that each of them completed last month.

Meet The Longest Serving National Assembly Members In Nigeria Since ...

All twenty-three of the clauses and sections that had been changed by both houses had been ratified by the National Assembly.

The establishment of the State Local Government Service Commission and the Office of Auditor General of Local Government were also accepted in the recently updated document that was to be sent to the state houses of assembly for approval.

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) was given the authority to hold council elections when the State Independent Electoral Commission (SIEC) was removed from the constitution.

However, by accepting the Senate’s version of the proposed revisions and rejecting the House of Representatives’ version, which eliminated the immunity language, it preserved the constitutional immunity for the President and the Governors.

By changing sections 65 and 106 of the 1999 constitution, the National Assembly also established provisions for Independent Candidacy in upcoming elections in Nigeria.


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