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My Best 3 Ways to Build Backlinks 2020



My 3 best ways to build Backlinks
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Welcome to WHITEBEETLES, An interesting articles about my best 3 Ways to Build Backlinks 2020 for a Brand New Website, my post contains all the necessary details on Effective Ways to Build Backlinks for a Brand New Website.

There are two basic things at least for anyone who have a brand new site or blog will quickly want to accomplish, which is to have the new site indexed in the search engines and drive some traffic to it. It is pertinent to take note of these two things whenever you build a new website. I will be explaining 3 effective ways to build backlinks for a brand new website.


The very first thing you will do here after you have built your brand new website or blog and have some pages of content posted, you go ahead to bookmark the Home page and individual articles on your site.

So, you can use, stumbleupon, twitter, facebook etc are wonderful for this specific tasks.

Therefore, by posting backlinks to this site on those popular social bookmarking sites, search engines like Google will quickly find the new content and index it, often within one day.

It?s important and advisable to use an existing account that already has some friends or network connection and some other pages to bookmark.

If you are still new, spend a little extra time connecting with other users and bookmarking some of their pages along with other interesting articles and blog posts in your niche.


I will be using the best article marketing site here, that is Now you need to write an articles, it maybe the general type up to 500 words and submit them with a resource box at the end containing one link referencing your page and second link referencing your blog post or perhaps, a category page. is the strongest and many popular article directory out there and it?s constantly crawled by the search engine spiders. By submitting some articles there, it will connect those spiders to the brand new site and make sure it gets indexed.

Since the backlinks from article directories are followed links, definitely, will be strong backlinks to your new site and helps your new site?s authority and increase speed the time it will take before your content starts to rank in Google and other search engines.


Have you ever wonder how profitable to write post and published on someone?s blogs. This is called guest blogging which is another best tools to build strong backlink for your website. The more popular and integrity of the authority of the blog you write for is, the stronger your link will likely be.

Furthermore, if the blog is popular and has big readership, you can be expecting to see nice stream of traffics or large amount of traffics from your each posts.

So, If you are newbie in this industry and still wondering the different strategies on building backlinks for your brand new website, strictly follow these three strategies so that you can quickly get indexed by the major search engines, get some initial traffic and reduce the wait time it will take to start appearing in the search engine pages.

Others ways are;

  • Contact journalists and important bloggers
  • You can spy on your competitors
  • Backlinks via infographics
  • You can make Testimonials write up.

Thanks for reading best 3 Ways to Build Backlinks 2020. You can read more on how to generate more traffics.

Good Luck!

Josh The Blogger is a Professional Website Developer, computer Scientist., blogger, SEO/SEM Who is passionate about helping you to achieve making money online, financial goals through education and with powerful tools, and much more

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