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Photo that shows how your website Traffic increases day by day.

The question I normally ask an online entrepreneurs or successful bloggers is tagged? How do I generate more traffic?? Because, it is so important to me in the aspects of my blogging. Though not just traffic but more web traffics that is targeted and equally getting nice streams of visitors as the case maybe. I want to really be catching the attention of people who matters and want what am offering and will also stick there due to the fact they find what they need in my site. The practicable respond was an awesome one I got that I will be explaining briefly bellow.


The kind of contents you have matters a lots. If you don?t have enough post more. Look out for the most trending and popular content on your website that audience check more of and make provision for similar materials or contents that can serve them best, but don?t copy.


Immediately, you set up and add contents to your website/blogs, the next crucial step is to enable your contents to be fully indexed in the search engines so as to allow potential customers to find your services. This is where search engine optimization comes in to functions by using keywords in headings, anchor text, titles, subject lines, meta descriptions and alt text for images that are related to your contents are being optimized for generating more traffic you desires.


As you make progress in your business online, you need to look out for some of the most valuable products or service you offer and promote those contents to reach out to targeted audience. Paid traffic can be used in this case via social media adverts (e.g Facebook Ads, twitter etc) and companies (Google, Bing, Yahoo) that runs advertisement to get direct target audience to your websites.


The information you can gathered from your website via plugins like google analytics are very useful to help you know which contents is drawing traffic to your website so as to create more of that.

For more free website traffic methods, that will reduce to minimal your reliance on potentially costly paid traffic sources as a blogger or website owner, you will want to adopt more free, through targeted traffic and search engines instead of going for paid ones.

Other means to generates traffic are through facebook groups, create freebies toward the need of your audience which can solve their problems and lastly, you can use different multimedia contents to dynamically represent information to your customers. All these practicable means are what successful websites owner and bloggers has adopted and yielded millions of traffic over the years.

Cheers???All the best.

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  1. Nathan

    March 18, 2020 at 11:02 am

    Great article, Thank you for sharing. Heminway?s features on its own will not make your articles rank in Google. Been using Hemingway with content optimization tools like Yoast since I started writing but my content is still not ranking. Just found INK, helped me replace both More info here:

    • Beetles

      March 18, 2020 at 9:01 pm

      Thanks Nathan, i do appreciate ur observation.

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