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Sanusi Stands With CBN Relocation Plan To Lagos



Former Emir of Kano, Muhammad Sanusi Lamido [Punch]

Politicians from the North voiced concerns, but Sanusi dismissed them as “noise.”
According to Sanusi, the relocation is a moral choice that the appropriate authorities should support rather than a Northern issue.

He called on CBN Governor Yemi Cardoso to give empathy and thoughtfulness for individual circumstances priority, bringing up moms with children and people with health concerns in particular.

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“Individual situations should be considered,” declared the former emir. We ought to try our best to be sympathetic. For instance, young women with school-age children who do not need to relocate can be given preference to remain in Abuja, as can individuals with health issues, etc.”

Sanusi cautioned Governor Cardoso against caving in to political pressure and urged him to move on with the relocation agenda. According to him, yielding to such pressure could set a precedent for further interference in the CBN’s decisions.

“There was a lot of religious clamor from CAN, etc., when I was going to license Jaiz Bank. On the basis of their religious beliefs, even sophisticated individuals like Okey Emelamah planned to sue me in court. I gave the bank a license despite that. Sanusi recalled, emphasizing the significance of sticking to moral judgments: “Nothing happened.”

He added that when his Christian successor permitted at least two more non-interest banks without much debate, identical religious concerns happened.


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