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Obasanjo To Mediate Ethiopia-Somalia War



Obasanjo reveals why June 12 Election was Annulled

Olusegun Obasanjo, the former president of Nigeria, has been deployed by the African Union’s Peace and Security Council (PSC) in an attempt to stop the growing hostilities between Ethiopia and Somalia from degenerating into a full-scale conflict.

Remember that on January 1, 2024, the breakaway province of Somaliland reached an agreement with Ethiopia, giving the latter control over a maritime port and a military facility on the Red Sea. This agreement caused a hazardous strain in ties between the two neighboring countries.

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As a result of the action, tensions between the neighboring nations have increased, with Somalia declaring that it is prepared for war.
A precarious geopolitical situation has been created by current developments and historical issues between Ethiopia and Somalia.

Somaliland has claimed recognition as an independent state since separating from Somalia in 1991, and it expects that granting Ethiopia access to its territory will help it achieve this goal.

As he engages in diplomatic negotiations to reduce tensions and resolve the current issue, Obasanjo has a difficult task ahead of him.

In their bilateral relations, Ethiopia and Somalia have been asked by the Peace and Security Council to uphold the values of the African Union and international law.

Ethiopia has made it clear that it would not hold talks with Somalia until it revokes the deal it made with Somaliland on January 1.



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