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Tinubu Urged To Intervene In Osun Crisis



A crisis that is developing in Osun State has prompted the All Progressives Congress, or APC, to ask President Bola Tinubu to step in.

This comes as the party denounced the halting of Owa of Igbajo and Aree of Iree’s installation procedures.
Additionally, the State Government ordered a suspension of the Akirun of Ikinrun and Alawo of Awo selection procedures until the court cases were resolved.

Speaking to reporters on Monday in Osogbo, Tajudeen Lawal, the chairman of the Osun APC, also urged security services and well-known Yoruba monarchs to support their members, whom he claimed were being persecuted by the state government because of the White Paper.

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“The White Paper that was released a few days ago is nothing more than a smokescreen meant to deflect public attention away from important inquiries into the thieving festival and egregiously careless actions of the political and mediocre quacks occupying Abere’s seat of power.

“The Task Force, which was covertly established by Governor Adeleke and populated by PDP goons and infamous criminals on the police’s wanted list, is intended to incite our law-abiding citizens, cause them harm, and incite violence in the state by forcibly retrieving certain vehicles that were legally approved for former government employees.

“It is small-minded, polarizing, and sinful of Governor Adeleke to single out certain traditional leaders for punishment based only on the assumption that they are political rivals. Such damaging tactics are not employed by any true leader to rule his populace.

Lawal explained why the selection procedures were canceled.

That’s discrimination. Thus, the governor becomes a judge in his own right.

The native residents of the impacted communities have not responded well, and if things are not controlled, there could be a serious collapse in law and order.

“Gov. Ademola Adeleke should restore the status quo ante to protect the state from impending chaos while awaiting the resolution of the lawsuits filed by the impacted parties,” he continued.


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