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FG ALAT Skillnovation Announces The Shortlisted Candidates’ Names




The names of the shortlisted candidates for the training activities have been made public by the FGN ALAT Skillnovation Program management. In the aftermath of the most recent application drive for the Program, which you can view here Link To Apply For MSME Digital Skills Innovation Program Through FGN ALAT

The management has started congratulating the applicants who were chosen for the FGN-ALAT Skillnovation Program, informing them that their path to professional and personal development starts in November 2023 and that they will be there to support them every step of the way.

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An innovative program called the FGN-ALAT Skillnovation Program aims to provide chosen candidates the necessary capabilities.

The following benefits are available to the chosen candidates, whether they are current or prospective business owners:

1. Practical instruction in our cutting-edge digital hubs

2. Business mentoring and incubation from seasoned and prosperous business mentors

3. Having access to financial options such as soft loans, grants, and equity investments.

4. Creating a network among other players

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A few chosen job seekers will benefit from the following:

Practical instruction in our cutting-edge digital hubs

2. Career mentoring from seasoned and accomplished mentors

3. Having fellowship access and networking opportunities.

Please keep checking your email if you applied for this program and have not gotten your congratulations message yet.



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