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Abuja Ware House Destroyed, Food Items Taken Away By Hungry Nigerian



On Sunday morning, there was a major security breach at a government storage facility in Gwagwa town, Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

A large group of youths broke into the warehouse and stole a significant amount of food. Around seven in the morning, this incident happened in the community’s Tasha area.

According to eyewitnesses who spoke with Daily Trust, the looters took bags of rice and corn. According to reports, the looting spree attracted people from the neighboring towns of Jiwa and Karmo and continued unchecked for about two hours, until around nine in the morning.


This influx made matters worse and caused heavy traffic on the Gwagwa-Karmo road, which connects to the Jabi and Dei-Dei axes.

Local resident Jaafar Aminu, who suffered bruises during the chaos, described the scene as one of desperation, with people swarming to the location to partake in the looting. Christopher Agbo, a different resident, emphasized the rapaciousness of the looters, who removed not only food supplies but also other items they thought would be helpful, such as the guards that had been initially put in place to secure the location. This most recent looting is the second time the warehouse has been targeted; during the Covid-19 lockdown, similar incidents occurred, with grains and pumping machines intended for relief efforts being taken.

The mob proceeded to Idu Industrial Estate after the government facility was raided, where they set upon more government and private warehouses. There was a noticeable absence of security guards at the scene at the time of reporting. Despite the ongoing crisis, the public was reassured by FCT police spokesperson SP Josephine Adeh that police forces had been mobilized and were actively working to restore order.

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