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Tinubu Seeks For Cooperation With France To End Terrorism




President Bola Tinubu and French President, Emmanuel Macron at a recent climate change summit in Paris. [Twitter:NosaAsemota]

During their goodbye meeting, Tinubu pushed Blattmann to use her new position as Director for Africa to promote the importance of “upgrading technical cooperation” between France and Nigeria in the fight against violent extremism and terrorism.

“You have done a fantastic job of fostering bilateral ties in the fields of trade, education, the arts, and culture between the two nations.

We appreciate all of your hard work in Nigeria, and President Macron’s appointment of you to the new role of Africa Director shows how well you performed in your role there.

President Bola Tinubu and French President, Emmanuel Macron at a recent climate change summit in Paris. [Twitter:NosaAsemota]


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“In Nigeria, you’ll always be welcomed. Regarding regional security, we would like you to use every chance to remind Paris that strengthening our technical collaboration is essential to our combined efforts to combat terrorism and violent extremism in the area,” he stated.

Blattman recounted her experiences while serving in the position and highlighted France’s noteworthy accomplishments, including large investments and a noteworthy rise in bilateral trade.

She claims that France is one of the biggest foreign investors in Nigeria, owning investment stock worth over $10 billion and projected a 51% increase in bilateral trade in 2021 and 2022.

With more than 3 billion euros invested by AFD and PROPARCO over the past ten years, we are also among the largest development partners. Presently, 26 of Nigeria’s 36 states are served by AFD.

“Since my arrival in October 2021, there have been an abundance of amazing experiences and fantastic discoveries.” I will undoubtedly carry with me this nation’s vitality and inventiveness, which will serve as a constant source of inspiration for me and my afro-optimism,” she declared.

The departing ambassador emphasized the tight cooperation between France, Nigeria, and other important partners in promoting sustainable world peace, security, and development, acknowledging Nigeria’s critical role in regional security and stability.


Credit: Pulse

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