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Scam alert: University of Ibadan declares, “We’re not running free online courses.”



Scam alert: University of Ibadan declares, “We’re not running free online courses.”

The administration of the University of Ibadan, located in Ibadan, Oyo State, has announced that no free online courses are being offered by the university.

The University of Ibadan declared this in a statement released by Ganiyu Saliu, the registrar.

The organization claimed to have noticed an advertisement for one of its online courses, in which students receive free laptops and certificates.

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The statement says as follows: “The University of Ibadan’s management has been alerted to an online advertisement purporting to offer free certification courses that may be completed online in exchange for laptops and certificates from the university.

“This advertisement is being disputed by the Management. The University of Ibadan Senate typically reviews and approves all courses that lead to the awarding of certificates; the UI Senate has not approved any free online certification programs.

“The University of Ibadan Distance Learning Center is not the source of this material either. There is definitely a cost associated with the Center’s partnership with EDUREX Consult for short-term certification in a variety of professional programs in the Center’s Bodija Office, and no one is picking up a free laptop. The general public is urged, kindly, to avoid falling into con games.

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