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Please Return The Bride Price I Paid Your Family Immediately – Yul Edochie Tells Wife



Well-known Nollywood actor Yul Edochie has asked to get his divorced wife May Edochie’s bridal fee returned.

In a post on his social media accounts on Tuesday, Yul accused May of getting breast augmentation surgery without his permission following the death of their first son in 2023.

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However, Yul asked May to take his surname off of her name going forward in a follow-up post on his Instagram page on Wednesday.

He asked why, after May filed for divorce, her family still hasn’t returned the bride price he paid for her.

“You have filed for divorce,” Yul wrote. But you persisted in not mentioning me.

“Give back the bride price I paid; your family declined.” I’ve asked a few times for the bride money to be returned, but you people have firmly refused. I don’t know the reason.


Credit: Dailypost

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