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Norway Visa Sponsorship Jobs 2023 | International Applicants Invited



Norway Visa Sponsorship Jobs 2023 | International Applicants Invited Norway Visa Sponsorship Jobs 2023 – Looking for a job, the best job destination for all international candidates would be Norway. We have given you the opportunity to apply for visa sponsored jobs in Norway for the year 2023.

Getting a job opportunity is now a very difficult task, but with struggle and hard work, don’t stop chasing your dreams. Norway has many advantages for life, with high salary packages and exciting experiences.

International graduates who don’t have many opportunities in their home country can apply for these great opportunities and get a better way of life. If you want more details, read the whole post and you will find all the information you need about the application process. To find more details about Norway Jobs with Visa Sponsorship, check the details below.

Norway Visa Sponsorship Jobs 2023 Details

  • Host Country: Norway
  • Eligible Countries: International Applicants
  • Category: Job Opportunity

Jobs in Norway with Visa Sponsorship 2023

There are many opportunities available for overseas students and professionals who want to pursue a career abroad with greater facilities and accessibility. You can find any of the following jobs to suit your plans and requirements. These jobs are available in the following areas:

#1. Teaching jobs in Norway.

You can also choose a teaching career in Norway, which opens up a number of possibilities for your life because you keep learning and develop self-confidence, which makes life a little easier to interact with the outside world. To be eligible for these jobs in any role available, you must have a BS degree or at least a high school diploma.

Applicants applying as associate professor must have a doctorate in education. Teachers need a master’s or master’s degree. These jobs are available at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Adger University, Kristiansand International School, etc. The salary package for these jobs is as follows.

  • Associate Professor – NOK 688,085 per year
  • Secondary School Teacher – NOK 496,000 per year
  • Senior Lecturer – NOK 862,000 per year.

#2. Healthcare Sector Jobs in Norway.

Healthcare jobs in Norway are the most sought after high paying jobs and every international candidate would like to work there. But to be eligible for these jobs, you must have a Nursing, Medical, Diploma / Certificate / BS Degree. These degrees will prove that you have some knowledge relevant to the healthcare industry.

To find these jobs, you can apply for various vacancies at different institutions, such as: BergensSports Medicine and Rehabilitation, Stephens Memorial Hospital, Haukeland University Hospital, etc. The salary package for these jobs is as follows.

  • Qualified Nurse – NOK 459,000 per year
  • Medical Director – NOK 2,122,081 per year.
  • Physiotherapist – NOK 1,130,000 per year
  • General Physician – NOK 1,440,000 per year.

#3. Hotel Jobs In Norway.

Working in hotels is also a great source of income for international candidates, opening up great future opportunities. You can work as a receptionist, chef, restaurant supervisor, or bartender at one of the hotels, including; Nordic Hotels and Resorts, Radisson Hotel Group, Dalen Hotel, Quality Hotel Expo etc. The salary package of these workers is as follows;

  • Chef – NOK 524,462 per year
  • Receptionist – NOK 302,000 per year
  • Restaurant supervisor – NOK 725,000 per year
  • Bartender – NOK 233,000 per year.

#4. Banking Sector Jobs in Norway.

Many reputed banks and corporate companies are looking for talented and potential candidates who are interested in the corporate sector. With their expertise, they will contribute to economic development in Norway.

For these jobs, you must have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in finance, accounting, economics, commerce and business administration. You can find different roles in companies such as: Solace Corporation, Nordea Bank, IEG-Investment Banking Groups etc. The salary packages for these jobs are as follows.

  • Customer Care representative – NOK 106,000
  • Finance manager – NOK 1,170,000 per year
  • Accountant – NOK 630,000 per year
  • Branch Manager – NOK 1,040,000 per year

#5. Aviation Industry Jobs In Norway.

You can find various roles in the Aviation industry, from National Airlines to airport jobs. You are bound to flying operations and find roles as a flying instructor, ATC (Air traffic controller), pilot, and ticketing agent. To be able to apply for the jobs, you must hold a BS/MS degree or diploma in the relevant fields and expertise in customer services and reservations.

For the pilot’s post, you also need a pilot license. The companies that offer these jobs include; Oslo Airport, Flyr Airline, Pilot Flight Academy etc. However, the average salary of these workers is as follows;

  • Pilot – 974,577 NOK per year
  • Flight Instructor – 481,000 NOK per year
  • ATC – 341,000 NOK per year
  • Ticketing Agent – 289,000 NOK per year.

#6. Engineering Jobs In Norway.

Many people look for engineering jobs in other countries; you can find any of your interests in the field of Mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, lead engineering, chemical engineering etc. You must hold a BS or MS degree in the relevant field to be eligible for these jobs. You can find these jobs at various companies, including; Nigel Wright Group, 7ocean aS, COWI, Baker Hughes Norway, etc. The salary packages are as follows;

  • Mechanical engineer – NOK 545,000 per year
  • Lead Engineer – NOK 902,425 per year
  • Electrical Engineer – NOK 590,000 per year
  • Chemical Process Engineer – NOK 621,000 per year

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