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How To Work As A Caregiver/Nanny in Canada



The caregiver/Nanny job is arguably one of the most sort after occupations in Canada. Almost every child and aged person in Canada needs a caregiver/nanny which has made the demand for skilled workers in this field hit new heights.

The Caregiver job comes with a lot of responsibilities and trust from employers. So many Families in Canada have both parents working round the clock to make extra money, and they barely have the time for the kids. The parents trust that while they are away the caregiver/nanny can take good care of the children and home.

It can be a part-time job or full-time employment depending on the employer and your agreement with them. So as a student in Canada, this job can become very lucrative and rewarding for you. Not only would it help you earn enough cash it will also give you ample time for your studies.

What Skill Do You Require To Become A Caregiver in Canada?

  • Because you are caring for kids and elderly people, you must be compassionate and have the ability to understand and tune into people’s distress and also help them try to feel better.
  • You must have good communication skills -: The ability to listen and engage in rewarding conversations.
  • Be Organized and Clean -: Being organized and clean as a caregiver does not only tell good of you, but it also helps your clients stay healthy.
  • You should have the ability to properly manage your time, show up for work early, leave early, and sleep early are just the common traits.
  • Patience is another key skill for this occupation, and in this line of work, your patience will be tested. So, if you are quick to anger, you should get a different occupation.
  • You must have the compromising will. What I mean is that you must be flexible and able to answer a call even when you don’t want to or are off duty. Your patient or client may have a problem that requires your attention even on your off day. So, you should be ready to answer.

Requirements to Work As A Caregiver In Canada

  • Candidates must first obtain a job offer from an employer in Canada. this would help them immigrate faster or obtain a fast-track visa to Canada.
  • Meet the CLB 5 language level requirement.
  • Obtain at least one year of Canadian post-secondary education or foreign equivalent.
  • Be admissible or eligible to Canada.

How to Apply As A Caregiver In Canada

There are two main programs through which immigrants can quickly move to Canada they are:
Home Child Care Provider Pilot (NOC 4411, excluding foster parents).
Home Support Worker Pilot (NOC 4412, excluding housekeepers).

The first step to working in Canada as a caregiver is to first secure a job offer. And then submit your permanent residence application afterward using either or both of the Pilot Programs listed above.

Then You need to apply for a work permit to allow you to work legally in Canada.

when you have successfully secured a permanent resident through this stream, you can sponsor a family member to come to Canada and study or work.

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