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I Mentored Tope Alabi – Yemmy My Lover Boast




Tope endured much just to see me. The relationship between actor Yemi My Lover and gospel musician Tope Alabi is discussed. The Nollywood actor Yemi My Lover has opened out about his relationship with gospel singer Tope Alabi once more. It appears that they are no longer on good terms.

They talked about their moments together and how Tope Alabi went above and beyond to get to him in an interview with Biola Bayo for her talk show, Talk To B. He revealed that the gospel singer is among those that came via him in the industry.

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He claimed that they would visit her home in Oshodi, where her mother even trusted him to look after the singer. boasting

He declared that he is not one of those artists that shares beds with their assistants.

Regarding their current state of relationship, he said that they treat one other well.

“Among those who went through me in the industry is Tope Alabi. We treat each other well.

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