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How you should monetize your blog

How you monetized your blog: the analysis. Just like any other business in the world today, Blogging is one of the most profitable internet business that recession does not influence. Over 105 million active Nigerian users on the internet statistically recorded by NCC, which simply means blogging is not affected by recession in Nigeria, in spites of how broke Nigerians could be, we still very well use the internet? But believe me, in every business once you lack the proper understand and strategy, you end up following the wrong path. Some have up to 350k just stocked in their bank account as they lack ideas of what business can I start.

You will agree with me that we many bloggers, over millions but only few numbers succeeds, reason? Because they understand clear all the essential things needed and adhere to it. Do not be surprised, blogging is like every other offline business, if you are not ready to make investments and spend then I am sorry to say ?You might be one of them, I want to sell my blog? type of bloggers. I cannot assure you how much you can be earning per day, But I can guarantee you will regain back all your initial capital within the shortest time frame depends on your plans as well.


As soon as you finished your perfect web creation, opt in for the following monetization of your blog:

  • AFFILIATE MARKETING (Depends on your niche)

Then, you need to blog for money, this where the real business come to start. That is, you have to think in a different ways others are not.

According to AdSense, Nigeria are not really favored in the case of AdSense. When Nigerian clicks on ads your Adsense Account can earn like ($0.07) But when you clicks from countries like UK, USA, South Africa, Canada, etc you earn as low as ($1 – $10) depending on your niche, Keyword, search visibility ,etc. You can contact us for further explanations.

Furthermore, be prepared to invest on Facebook Ads, believe you me, having a good strategist like me, you will always earning high returns from Facebook Ads but the down side of it is that so many people do not know how it can properly done, that?s the reason why they fail to adverts impression they needed. I would run your Ads for you for you to target desires country of interest and get 100% returns assurance. Though my strategies will not be disclosed here now but watch for my articles in the subsequent ones on monetizing. But a wise reader or person should have gotten already how you can make $50 from Adsense in a day.

You can imagine what achievable earnings you have from 5,000 page views. 2,500 from Nigeria and 2,500 from Top Country with High CPC from Adsense in Ads campaigns.

Imagine you have 100 clicks from Nigeria (Ctr 1%, CPC = 0.10)

Then your total expectation should be between ($10 – $20)

Consider having clicks from Top Country with high CPC (Ctr 1%, CPC = $1 – $2)

That is $50 – $100, Depending on your adverts budgets. I believe???.. Someone there is smiling??In a day you tends to earns from over $50 to $70 provided that needful is done. In a month ($1800 – $2100), deducts your adverts budget, web space and other payments. You will be left with at least $1000 as personal gain. Mind you, Adsense is not the only way of monetizing your blog, but it is the major way. Other means are affiliate marketing, offline adverts, etc

Here is the breakdown of how much you should be spend in setting up your standard Blog

DOMAIN NAME: This clearly hinge on your extension and country of purchase. There are local (Nigerian) Registrar and foreign Domain Registrar, Just as you normally know, most times services like this is not best practiced on local. But that could manage temporarily for a start. So, depending on your financial ability and how much well do you even trust in this business. Then you can decide either to go Local Registrar or the Foreign Domain Registrar.

Concerning the Foreign Registrar .Com ($10 – $15) depend on Registrar.I recommend You can even check their price list

About Local Registrar .Com (#3,500 – #5,000) also depending on the Registrar as well. For Nigeria, I recommend

At this junction, I will congratulate you for taking a step of CEO, so also you are right now as you buy your Domain.

Heading to Get your WordPress Hosting Plans. Like stated above, the something goes for choosing your foreign or your country registrar. For Local hosting plans, be ready to experience downtime, your website can do down for couple of hours without any tangible reasons for it. For foreign Hosting plan, I will recommend ($2.5 – $7)/month depending on your website purpose. And for local registrar go (500-2500)/month.

Immediately you have taking this two steps, approach any good WordPress Developer like me?. Trust me a Professional WordPress designer (SEO optimized, Mobile friendly, easy Adsense approval and many others)

Will charge you as low as (#30,000 – #80,000) but, depending on what you want and you can further contact me by WhatsApp number (08132227690) or for details. You wouldn’t want to miss this….. How you monetized your blog: the analysis because it helps.

Then, after your site is fully set, get Adsense, Register for some affiliate programs, Employ Good Content Writer and watch as your investment grows.

How you monetized your blog: the analysis. I hope I was able to motivates someone, Drop a review about me at comment area.

Josh The Blogger is a Professional Website Developer, computer Scientist., blogger, SEO/SEM Who is passionate about helping you to achieve making money online, financial goals through education and with powerful tools, and much more

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