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How to Convert Canada Visitor Visa into Work Permit in 2023



Visitor Visa to Work Visitor

How to Convert Canada Visitor Visa into Work Permit in 2023 Discover how to transform your Canada Visitor Visa into a Work Permit within Canada in 2023. No longer must visitors depart the nation to secure a Canadian work permit. Foreign nationals currently on a visitor visa within Canada can proactively seek employment opportunities. Those receiving valid job offers can seamlessly transition to applying for a work permit, presenting an exciting prospect for upcoming visitors.

This temporary measure emerged as a response to Canada’s labor shortages amid an economic upswing. With a goal to admit 500,000 immigrants by 2025, Canada seeks to address its need for foreign labor. Until February 28, 2025, individuals holding tourist visas can pursue work permits in Canada. Detailed instructions on the process of converting a Canada Visitor Visa into a Work Permit in 2023 are elaborated below.

How to Convert Canada Visitor Visa into Work Permit in 2023

Step 1: Job Search (For Visitors on Tourist Visa)

If you’re in Canada on a Visitor Visa and aspire to extend your stay by finding employment, follow these steps:

Begin by exploring job opportunities available in Canada. Various online job portals, such as the “Working in Canada” tool, labor market information, and job banks, can aid in your search.

Consider reaching out to Recruitment Agencies in Canada for Foreign Workers (2023) to enhance your job-seeking process.

Step 2: Obtain an LMIA Approved Offer Letter

To proceed, ensure your potential employer has secured an LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) approval, allowing them to hire foreign workers.

Refer to our published list of authorized and approved LMIA employers in Canada to identify suitable options.

Step 3: Apply for Your Work Permit

With a job offer in hand, proceed to apply for your work permit using these steps:

Compile the necessary documents and information, including the LMIA-approved offer letter.

Navigate to the Canada CIC website to complete the Work Permit Online Application.

Step 4: Work Permit Online Application

Apply for your work permit online through the official Canada CIC website.

The following section is tailored for individuals without a Canadian Visitor Visa.

Applying for the Canadian Visitor Visa (TRV)

For those seeking work opportunities in Canada but lacking a job offer or work permit, consider applying for a tourist visa. The process involves:

  • Submitting an online application along with required documentation.
  • Access the application portal here: Apply for Visitor Visa
  • Paying the applicable Visa Application Fee.
  • Providing biometric data.
  • Awaiting the Visa decision.

Upon receiving your visa, you’re ready to travel to Canada and embark on a physical and online job hunt.

Remember to prioritize LMIA Approved Jobs in Canada, which are authorized to hire foreign workers. You can also engage with Recruitment Agencies in Canada before or after your arrival to maximize your job search strategy.

This streamlined approach offers the simplest route to converting a Canada Visitor Visa into a Work Permit in 2023.

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