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Gov Sani Reveals Reasons For Attack In Kaduna



Senator Uba Sani, the governor of Kaduna State, has expressed regret over the bandits’ onslaught on Southern Kaduna towns.

After a former Dawaki Ward councilor, Aminu Khalid, told journalists that terrorists had raided three communities in Dawaki Ward in Kauru Local Government Area of Kaduna State, resulting in the deaths of seventeen persons and the possible kidnapping of fifty-eight others, Sani referred to the attackers as animals dressed in human skin.

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The former council member also said that Ungwan Sako, Kunkurai, and Dokan Kaji were the three villages where the attack took place.

He claimed that there was a gunfight between the assailants and the villagers, in which nine people died and twenty people were saved.

The governor denounced the murders and said that those who carried them out had no place in a civilized society.

He declared that his administration would stop at nothing to find the assailants and prosecute them.

He posted on Facebook, saying, “The only goal of these beasts in human skin is to reverse the gains the good people of Kaduna State have made in rebuilding trust.”

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