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Fear reigns in the Nasarawa university community after an alleged bandits’ threat letter.



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Fear has taken hold of the Federal University of Lafia (FULafia) community in Nasarawa State after a threat letter purportedly from local bandits surfaced.

This disturbing development follows a similar occurrence in November of last year in which a threat letter was delivered to the surrounding Gandu hamlet, home to over 40% of the university’s student body, leading to the abduction of eight students.

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The purported letter apparently carried a message informing the university community and the people of Gandu about the bandits’ plan to kidnap and murder victims without demanding a ransom.

Prof. Aleruchi Chuku, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academic Affairs, called an urgent meeting in response to the growing security concerns.

The purpose of the conference was to develop a thorough action plan with multiple stakeholders to improve security and peace on campus and in the surrounding areas.

Prof. Chuku emphasized the significance of teamwork in creating a secure and crime-free atmosphere for instruction and learning at the conference. He also urged locals to be watchful and actively support the university’s security-related actions.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Partnerships), Prof. Samaila Usman Dakyes, chaired the meeting and urged a coordinated response to the pervasive insecurity on campus and in the surrounding community.

Acknowledging their shared accountability for maintaining public safety, stakeholders urged local authorities to work with law enforcement by promptly sharing information that could potentially neutralize threats.

Employees voiced their worries, citing episodes of anxiety and unease. One mentioned the terrible death of a coworker who was kidnapped and was unable to recover from the trauma she had suffered at the hands of her captors.

“One of our members who was kidnapped died recently after his release,” one of them stated. The abuse he endured at the hands of his kidnappers was too much for him to handle.


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