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Olamide Offered Me Help, Because He Knows Am Popular – Portable



Diligent The Nigerian musician Habeeb Okikiola, better known by his stage name Portable, has stated that before Olamide remixed his song in 2021, his song “Zazu” was viral across the globe.

He said that if Olamide hadn’t been well-known and his song hadn’t gone viral, he wouldn’t have benefited from it.
Speaking in the most recent episode of the Bae U Barbi program Curiosity Made Me Ask, Portable refuted rumors that he has been riding the “Zazu” wave ever since becoming famous, emphasizing that he has since put out two albums and other hit songs.

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“Since we dropped ‘Zazu’ with Baddo [Olamide], that one has gone [sic],” he stated. The fan base is listening to me, and I am releasing back-to-back music. They will forget you if you don’t descend again. They won’t hear me if I don’t drop again. That’s the reason I’m exerting greater effort.

Olamide helped me because I was well-liked. They wouldn’t support me if I wasn’t well-liked. “Zazu” erupted globally. My freestyle gained widespread attention.

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