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Nigerian Actor Arrested For Rapping



Prince Onyewere, an actor and costume designer in Nollywood, was arrested for defiling a 10-year-old girl while filming a scene in Asaba, the capital of Delta state.

The incident reportedly happened on Sunday, January 28, at the hotel where Prince and the other members of the team were staying while filming a scene.

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To change her clothes for the next scene, Prince led the youngster into one of the hotel rooms. But they took longer than anticipated, so the producer of the film sent someone to see how they were doing.

The girl was crying and the room door was locked when the person arrived.

The young child was discovered sobbing uncontrollably and covered in blood on the floor when the door was forcibly opened. This led to suspicions that the costume designer had sexually assaulted the child after requesting her to remove her clothes for a change.

Witnesses, however, were incensed and had Prince stripped naked for questioning. The victim’s blood was also all around the motel room.

According to rumors, Prince was subsequently turned over to officers from the Delta State Police Command so they may pursue legal action.


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