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My controversies cost me seventeen brand partnerships. – Phyna



Phyna, the former champion of Big Brother Naija, has disclosed that her social media problems cost her 17 business partnerships.

She made this claim when discussing how social media has affected her life since her 2022 rise to fame.

Phyna described how one of the brands rejected her and called her a “abuser” in an interview on Doyin’s Corner.

She said that this was in response to blogs accusing her of hitting her ex-boyfriend Groovy for going behind her to close a deal that benefited them both.

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“My manager and I calculated how many deals I lost from last year to this point two weeks ago,” the woman stated. 17 agreements were in total.

“A major brand informed me that I am an abuser, which is why they won’t work with me.

“They said they couldn’t collaborate with someone who abuses them, and this coincided with the time when bloggers accused me of slapping someone.”

Credit: Dailypost

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