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Erigga regrets that her father didn’t participate in her upbringing and now feels entitled.



Erigga regrets that her father didn’t participate in her upbringing and now feels entitled.

Nigerian hip-hop musician Erhiga Agarivbie, better known by his stage as Erigga, has expressed regret that his father believes he has a right to his money even though he trained himself and fled the family at the age of eight.

He claimed that although his father had not been active in his upbringing, he began contacting and pressuring him once he achieved success.

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The rapper from Warri revealed this in the most recent Spill With Phyna podcast episode.

“It doesn’t make sense when you see parents start feeling entitled because you had many years ahead of me; why didn’t you make it before me?” Erigga remarked. In Africa, this entitlement mentality is rarely discussed.

“I was by myself, facing the street. I was embroiled in far too many things to discuss here on camera. And I can’t stop thinking, “What if I got shot or arrested?” as the most of the folks I was with back then are either dead or imprisoned.

“I have to begin raising myself at eight years old. I moved in with my pals and picked up undesirable behaviors. On the other hand, I knew where I wanted to be no matter where I was since I fell in love with music at a very young age.

Many years later, after I’ve changed my name to Erigga, someone says, “Hey! I’m not being looked for by you. You’re not acting in certain ways. And I’m like, “Bro, we don’t have a relationship because you’re not the father you think you are.” I don’t father myself by myself. I’m also unable to offer you credit.

“All of my stepbrothers began pleading with me to pardon our father, claiming he wasn’t accountable to them either. Ultimately, though, they are merely speaking with me because that is who I am.

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