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Let me start this article in a way of rhetorical manner. Do you like having a multiple source of income? The answer will be 100% YES. Because, many successful business tycoons have multiple means of generating incomes in which they invested their resources into as the case maybe.

People who owns a company run different packages to multiply their incomes on daily basis likewise the website and blog owners can monetize their contents to increase revenue successes.

As a bloggers or websites owner, perhaps, you have your way of making money but, this can be an additional model.

Interestingly, an In-image advertising company GumGum is here for real and makes it achievable to monetize the images on your sites or blogs and start making cool money from ads display on them. Is this not easy and beautiful enough?

The company GumGum is an image-based network model that gives room for advertisers to get in touch with their customers via image advertising while also allowing the publishers to make money by displaying ads on the photos in their site. GumGum normally pay publishers between $3 and $5 CPMs that is, price paid by advertisers per thousand impressions. The newly startups are not pay per click on ads.

Therefore, if you owns blog, this is a nice privilege for you to start making money from your photos in your blog posts. It works the same way other ads-networks is, a simple one-time, one-line Javascript code install enables GumGum to sight the images on your website and match relevant ads to them.

This company automatically sent payment during the next payment cycle as your account balance get to $50. Terms of payment are net 60 days and payments are through Paypal or check.

This company mechanism will search and display ads on only the pages that contains the full size images; dimensioned as image bigger than 250 x 250 pixels and Click Per Impressions (CPMs) varies depending on the image use, size, frequency of images, vertical, etc. Image post must be briefly described with HTML alt text to enable GumGum target ads on them. Be specific by indicating to GumGum that, this is a picture of phone or iPHONE5S is better.

Standard ads network like Googlee Adsense, Adbrite, Kontera, etc the same way GumGum ad networks is and offers control on which images display ads.

This ads does not cause any distortion to the appearance of images as they are strictly and well overlays. It can be closed out by users at any time.

Here is How To Add GumGum Ad Code To Your Blog/Website;

Simply sign up at for publisher by filing the application form, thereafter, go through the implementation instruction and apply for it well. Always endeavor to insert GumGum code directly above the closing body tag in your blog?s HTML.

So, this will really sweet and commands some senses to make money from photos being the fact that all users inclines their eye first on the images of a site any time they visit.

Eventually, you have implement or just want to monetize your blog with GumGum, kindly share your experience or if you have any alternative Share through comments.

Once again thank you for reading my article on make money on your blog post photos.

Josh The Blogger is a Professional Website Developer, computer Scientist., blogger, SEO/SEM Who is passionate about helping you to achieve making money online, financial goals through education and with powerful tools, and much more

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