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List Of the Top 10 Remote Freelance Jobs for 2024



In 2023, an astonishing 64 million Americans were self-employed. The future is bright for independent contractors, as evidenced by the steady increase in this new work trend from 53 million in 2014.

The gig economy, also known as the side hustle or freelancing business, is here to stay and will soon overtake other employment sectors to account for the majority of jobs worldwide. There are financial advantages to working as a freelancer part-time or even full-time, including unlimited earning potential and the chance to fight the rising cost of living.

However, freelancing offers more benefits than just cash gain.

Because you are not simply in charge of things, it allows you to acquire and build valuable experience and talents that you would not otherwise acquire in a conventional work.

Employers who might not have the funds to hire full-time permanent staff instead prefer to hire contractors for certain projects might benefit from freelancing as well.

he flexible job portal FlexJobs highlighted some of the strongest professional sectors for remote freelancing job possibilities in 2024 in their 2024 State of Remote freelancing Jobs Report.

These career fields are displaying considerable growth (increasing by at least 20%).

It’s interesting to note how many of these industries are in the creative/arts sector.

These lucrative professions for freelance work include:

  1. Bilingual
  2. Graphic design
  3. Art and creative
  4. Copywriting
  5. Consulting
  6. News and journalism
  7. Entertainment and media
  8. Operations
  9. Social media
  10. Editing

Below are a few particular freelance jobs that fit into these categories and let you work from home.

Note that the salaries or earnings from freelancing work that are indicated are only meant to be used as a basic guide.

Your actual earnings may differ significantly from or above the indicated salary, depending on a number of variables such as how well you market your business and yourself, the demand in the market, etc. Here, “salary” refers only to expected revenues for freelance work; naturally, as a self-employed professional delivering contracts, you won’t be paid a set yearly income.

1. Virtual Assistant

Freelance virtual assistants work with small businesses and even other freelance entrepreneurs, who are much too busy to handle administrative work themselves. So these businesses will outsource to virtual assistants. The role is multifaceted. From the comfort of your home, you could be coordinating calendars, responding to emails on behalf of your client, and/or performing other admin related work so they can focus on the most important aspects of their role.

Average salary: $43,043 to $50,647

2. Graphic Designer

As a freelance graphic designer, you will use your design knowledge to create a visual representation of a product or service, through logos, mock-ups, brochures, and online media formats for advertizing.

Average salary: $44,460

3. Project Manager

A freelance project manager manages a range of projects on an independent contract service basis, and can offer consultancy and management services to organizations who need a PM for a specific project for only a short period of time.

Average salary: $87,750

4. Bookkeeper

The same goes for freelance bookkeeping. Just like above for project managers, you can serve multiple business clients with their accounting and bookkeeping needs, or even choose to specialize in working with small businesses and other freelancers to help them track their spend and revenue, and to help with filing taxes.

Average salary: $83,728

5. Copywriter

Do you have a special knack for, and enjoy, writing? Especially if you already have extensive writing experience and a solid portfolio, you can offer your services to write copy for websites, email marketing campaigns, blogs, and digital advertizing, with the goal of ranking highly in search results and attracting traffic.

Average salary: $58,644

6. Customer Service Representative

If you enjoy meeting and serving new people, you can easily find remote freelance customer service representative positions by searching online or using the search tool on freelancing websites such as People Per Hour, a freelance and contract platform.

Average salary: $49,966

7. Social Media Specialist

Have a background in social media marketing or digital marketing? You can get paid for your skills as a freelancer. Why limit yourself to working in one organization when you can have multiple clients in your portfolio? You can provide multiple services, from developing social media campaigns, to creating engaging content, to optimizing the social media pages and profiles of your corporate clients.

Average salary: $48,447

8. Video Editor

As a freelance video editor, you will be reviewing and transforming raw footage from clients, and making appropriate edits, cutting, and arrangements to improve the quality, length, and sound, to bring a client’s project to life. This exciting creative role is all about creative storytelling through editing techniques, and is focused on delivering a range of high-quality video content, from marketing videos to demo reels.

Average salary: $88,706

9. Marketing Manager

Freelance marketing managers help their business clients through developing and executing marketing plans and strategies, for a variety of media outlets, depending on the business, industry, and target audience. Of course, this is traditionally a role that is performed full-time for an employer, but in this case, you can instead offer your services as a contract or project directly to business clients, especially for those companies who are just starting out and don’t have a solid presence as yet.

Average salary: $92,674

10. Communications Specialist

In your role as a freelance communications specialist, you will be representing your client (an organization) for public-facing duties such as drafting press releases, media content, and social media advertizing. You will help to bring awareness of the company, bringing their story to the world.

Average salary: $94,191

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