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God’s Timing In Creating The Grammys’ African Music Category



The establishment of the Best African Music Performance category at the Grammy Awards, according to Grammy-nominated Nigerian artist David Adeleke, better known by his stage name Davido, was “God’s timing.”

When questioned whether or not the inclusion of an African music category at the Grammy Awards was appropriate, the singer said that it was “God’s timing” in a recent interview with France 24.

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But according to him, African music and culture have always been “dominant” and are just now beginning to gain international recognition.

“What are your thoughts on this new category, the Best African Music Performance, that has been added to the Grammys? Are you late to the party or on time?” inquired the host.

Davido answered, “The best timing comes from God.” For many years, African music has been popular. In response to your question, I would say that we most definitely should have received recognition. However, things take time. God’s timing is ideal, as I have stated.

And this new category makes me very happy—not just for myself, but also for the other nominees. Given that people can create African music and win a Grammy at home, it’s really lovely. It’s quite amazing to witness that. Thus, rather than saying “late,” I would say “God’s timing.”

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