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Emeka Ike discusses her lengthy break from acting and her comeback with “Malaika.”



Emeka Ike sheds light on his latest role on 'Malaika' [Instagram/Emeka Ike]

Veteran Nigerian performer Emeka Ike talked candidly about starring in Malaika as his most recent big-screen role.

During a lengthy absence from acting, the actor discussed how he was able to adjust in an interview with TVC’s Your View section. “He never leaves o, e dey body,” he said. However, I had to just take my time in order to come to a fresh understanding based on the movie theater I’m going to, rather than a regular home video. Thus, what exactly do I need to accomplish in order to perform or be in the proper movie scenario?”

He added that working on the movie served as his own form of treatment. “Malaika is therapy for me, it is therapy for every broken home,” he declared. I just seen the Malaika stuff, so please talk to my wife, someone phoned me.”

The full-length film explores the problems that drive a married couple, portrayed by Ike and Abraham, to become antagonistic toward one another. The wife, who has been trying for a few years, finally expresses her dissatisfaction at not having children and her need for solutions.

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The plot is anticipated to take viewers on an emotional journey to the heights and lengths a lady is ready to go to in order to obtain the answers she seeks, in keeping with the previously released teaser. The investigation also looks at how these difficulties affect the husband, who experiences feelings of powerlessness.

In addition to Ibrahim Chatta, Uzor Arukwe, Odunlade Adekola, Pelumi Olawuni, Taiwo Lyncett, Adesege Adeniji, and Ugandan performer Anne Kansiime, the production is directed by Steve Sodiya.

December 22, 2023, marks the start of Malaika’s national theatrical release.

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