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Am Sorry For Being Nude While Supporting Tinubu – Actor



Olaiya Igwe, a seasoned Yoruba actor, has publicly apologized to Nigerians for dressing in all black to pray for President Bola Tinubu during the general elections in 2023.

This coincides with the suffering that Nigerians are currently going through as a result of President Tinubu’s economic policies.

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Olaiya has faced criticism ever since he showed out at the beach in 2023 without a shirt on to offer prayers for Tinubu’s win.

In a video posted on his YouTube website with the headline “apologies to all my fans,” the actor explained his conduct by claiming to have received a supernatural vision.

“I prayed for Tinubu while nude on the beach, following revelation. Since he is my benefactor, I helped him in return.

“Please, Nigerians, try not to get furious. You consider me to be among those who caused this hardship on the nation. I agree. You are cursing me profusely because you think that my visit to the beach affected your decision to support him. I apologize.

“Those who were attacking me would have stopped if the country’s situation had improved since Tinubu took office.

Nigerians are in tears. Even people living abroad are upset about the state of the nation today. I would like to discuss with our father, Tinubu, the unfulfilled aspirations of Nigerians. To make sure your appointees fulfill your intentions and commitments to the public, you must form a monitoring team.

Igwe’s remarks come a few days after prominent singer and Tinubu supporter Kwam 1 voiced his dissatisfaction with the current state of struggle in Nigeria.


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