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Today, January 16, 2024, Dollar to Naira Black Market Exchange Rate – AbokiFX



The table below shows the black market rate for those who want to sell and buy dollars with BDC operators or Abokis.


Dollar To Naira Black Market Rate Today
Buying Rate ₦1265
Selling Rate ₦1275

Black Market/Aboki Rate Exchange Table Today

The table below outlines the black market prices for common denominations. Since the selling rate is ₦1275, we multiply it by the denomination in dollars. For example to convert $5, we multiply it by ₦1275

Denomination in Dollar($) Black Market Exchange Rate Today in Naira
5 ₦6,375
10 ₦12,750
20 ₦25,500
50 ₦63,750
100 ₦127,500
150 ₦191,250
200 ₦255,000
300 ₦382,500
350 ₦446,250
400 ₦510,000
500 ₦637,500
800 ₦1,020,000
1000 ₦1,275,000

Dollar To Naira CBN Rate Today

As of today, January 16, 2023, the Central Bank of Nigeria sells at ₦865 and buys at ₦864. This price can be obtained from the publication here

CBN Selling Rate ₦865
CBN Buying Rate ₦864

CAD To Naira Black Market Rate

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The Canadian Dollars selling rate is ₦975 while the buying rate is ₦940. Canadian dollars are not listed on the official currency page of the Central Bank of Nigeria. This price has been constant for the past few weeks compared to the other currencies.

How Much Is A Dollar To Naira Black Market Rate(Lagos)?

Lagos and Abuja are known to have one of the best black market rates in the country because of its strategic location. The rate in Lagos is ₦1275. There are different exchangers in Lagos and this price might differ with the one called for you.

How Much Is 100$ In The Black Market Today?

100$ is equivalent to ₦127,500.

How Much Is 1000$ In The Black Market Today?

1000$ is equivalent to ₦1,275,000.

How Much Is 5000$ In The Black Market Today?

5000$ is equivalent to ₦6,375,000.

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