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Obasanjo Farms Nigeria 2024 Graduate Internship



2024 Graduate Internship at Obasanjo Farms Nigeria

One of Nigeria’s biggest agricultural enterprises, Obasanjo Farms Nigeria is well-known for its vast Ota farm, which was once owned by former President Olusegun Obasanjo.

It features a wide variety of animals, poultry, and food items. Obasanjo Farms’ goal is to acknowledge agriculture as a vital and lucrative sector of the economy and to promote its broad use in all facets of daily life.

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Applications for the 2024 Graduate Internship at Obasanjo Farms Nigeria, featuring opportunities in Agronomy, are welcome from interested and eligible applicants.

Product Description: Investigate and work with different agronomic issues in the ever-changing grounds of Obasanjo Farms, helping to progress agricultural technologies and methods. Qualifications & Conditions:

a doctorate in agronomy, agriculture, or a similar discipline.
strong interest in and knowledge of sustainable farming methods.

Outstanding interpersonal and collaborative abilities.
Application Process: Interested parties should send their applications to with the subject line “2024 Agronomy Intern Application,” along with a cover letter and CV.




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