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Official Domestic and International Travel Dropped by 60% in Number



The amount spent on all official travel, both domestic and foreign, has been cut by 60% by President Bola Tinubu.

The president will travel with twenty people when abroad, whereas the vice president will only have five.

and the First Lady will have five people, in that order.

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The first lady will go with ten people, the president with twenty-five, and the vice president with fifteen.

President Tinubu has, by his most recent directive, approved a massive cost-cutting exercise that will touch across the entire federal government of Nigeria as well as the offices of the President, Vice President, and First Lady. Special Advisor to the President on Media and Publicity, Ajuri Ngelale, briefed State House Correspondents on the latest development. It will take place in the manner described below:.

The president’s media aide claims that when the president or vice president travels within the nation to any state, official travel expenses will be significantly reduced as a result of the president’s directive. These expenses arose from allowances and state security detail fees when the president left Abuja and traveled into those states.

He indicated that when he travels to those states, his protection detail will be frontlined by state security agencies, such as the DSS for law enforcement or military departments. This is a significant cost-cutting measure that will impact both the First Lady’s and the Vice President’s offices.

Ngelale further stated that the following restrictions have been imposed on all Federation ministers before approving any overseas travel. A minister may accompany four members of their staff, appointees, and the like on official trips.

“That will be restricted to two employees per head of agency who are permitted to go on an official trip. In addition, the President has authorized the following numbers for official travel with him, which will apply to his senior staff: during foreign travels, the President has instructed that no more than 20 people be permitted to travel with him.

“In the First Lady’s instance, that number will be reduced to five. Furthermore, the Vice President’s official foreign entourage size will be limited to five members, and the Vice President’s spouse would only be allowed a maximum of five.

He clarified that the President has authorized a new cap of 25 employees to go with him on domestic visits inside the nation.

He verified that just ten employees from the Office of the First Lady are now permitted to travel with her on official domestic travels. Only fifteen staff people may accompany the vice president on official domestic travels,

While his wife, like the first lady, will only be able to employ ten staff members on government authorities throughout the nation.

“It is pertinent to note that there is a difference between the number of staff members who are allowed to travel domestically and abroad with the presiding officials,” he said. You’ll discover that fewer people are permitted to travel internationally than within the country. This is due to the fact that travel abroad is now much more expensive overall and the President is working to ensure that the Commonwealth of our people is managed with complete rationality and caution.

Consequently, the President has ordered that all government MDAs, including the President’s Office, the Vice President’s Office, and the First and Second Ladies’ Offices, be impacted by and subject to this Presidential instruction.

“From this point forward, the President maintains that the days of government waste, excessive recurring expenses, and allowing officials to handle their business differently from what we expect of Nigerian citizens in terms of caution and cost control are over.

“The President insists that government personnel’ caution must equal the caution and effectiveness of Nigerian citizens, and this is his directive. Many thanks for it.

“With respect to the adherence to this most recent directive of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu,” was Ajuri’s simple response when asked if the new limitation directive will take the form of an executive order. It is my opinion that there is no need to persuade the Nigerian federal government’s personnel of the president’s sincerity in carrying out his orders.

“Anyone who attempts to test the President’s directive believing it is not enforceable against them and believes the President will not uphold it in execution does so at their own risk.”


Credit: Dailypost

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