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Nigerians Only Seek Justice For The Dead – Portable



According to controversial singer Portable, Nigerians only care about the dead when it comes to justice.

Days after being beaten up for not showing up for a gig he was paid for, the musician made this statement on Friday from his hospital bed.

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On Monday morning, Portable took to social media to voice their outrage after an alleged attack by American musician Esquare and his boys.
Though no one is pursuing justice for him, Portable wondered whether it’s just the dead Nigerians who fight, posting images and videos from the hospital on his Instagram profile on Friday.

He said, “Just your prayer, please. I’m in so much pain right now and I don’t want to die young.” in pidgin English.

“No one stands up for me, but I have God.” Truth is only ever to my right. If God exists, I refuse to fall, Zazuu.

“I was in constant pain ever since I was beaten by those guys, and I didn’t get myself together.” No, simply the deceased ones that they obtain justice for? There is proof, yet nobody acts as though they have seen it.


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